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FAQ: What are Pre-Orders? ANSWER: Pre-Orders are reservations directly with the publishers so comics are printed specifically for you. Pre-Orders are made on a monthly order cycle two months before publication so publishers know exactly how many copies to print. Pre-Orders receive large discounts because they reduce our risks ordering from publishers, but they must be paid for in advance to guarantee the sale.
FAQ: What are Subscriptions? ANSWER: Subscriptions are standing instructions to create Pre-Orders every month (which you can edit before they become final). G-Mart strongly recommends Subscriptions to always get the titles you want. Magazine subscriptions typically run for one year, and the entire year is paid at the beginning. In contrast, G-Mart Subscriptions have no time limit and are paid month-by-month.
Pre-Orders For December 2020 are CLOSED, but you can still shop for Subscriptions and browse recent Pre-Orders:

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