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[Vampirella Quarterly: Summer 2008 #1 (Cover A - Joe Jusko)]

Vampirella Quarterly: Summer 2008 #1 (Cover A - Joe Jusko)

by Fialkov, Salonga, Goodwin & Gonzalez
Joshua Fialkov wraps-up his landmark run on Vampirella with his most startling tale yet! Vampirella finally makes her move on her sister Draculina while the life of Pendragon hangs in the balance. Has Vampi finally met her match? Also includes another classic Vampirella story recolored and remastered for a new audience!

GREEN $4.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Harris Publications, Inc.
Issue:Quarterly: Summer 2008 #1 (Cover A - Joe Jusko)
Cover Price:$4.99
Cover Date:2008 Summer
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