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Chains of Chaos
Pantha: Haunted Passion
Vampirella & Pantha Showcase
Vampirella / Dracula
Vampirella / Lady Death
Vampirella / Lady Death: The Revenge
Vampirella / Painkiller Jane
Vampirella / Pantha: Death Valley
Vampirella / Shi
Vampirella / Witchblade
Vampirella Blood Lust
Vampirella Comics Magazine
Vampirella Commemorative Edition
Vampirella Legendary Tales
Vampirella Lives
Vampirella Model Search Special
Vampirella Monthly
Vampirella of Drakulon
Vampirella Preview Edition
Vampirella Retro Series
Vampirella Strikes
Vampirella vs. Hemorrhage
Vampirella vs. Lady Death: The End
Vampirella vs. Pantha
Vampirella Wetworks
Vampirella's Vampi
Vampirella's Vampi limited preview edition book
Vampirella's Vampi: Underworld Ashcan
Vampirella: Hell on Earth Limited Preview Ashcan
Vampirella: Holy War Limited Preview Ashcan
Vampirella: Queen's Gambit
Vampirella: Sad Wings of Destiny
Vampirella: Silver Anniversary Collection
Vampirella: The New Monthly

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