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[Vampirella Quarterly: Winter 2008 #1 (Cover B - Al Rio)]

Vampirella Quarterly: Winter 2008 #1 (Cover B - Al Rio)

by Fialkov, Segovia, Goodwin & Gonzalez
Chaos has been defeated, but at a price - the world as we know it has ended and Washington lies in ruins! A new era dawns as Vampirella begins to pick up the pieces with Pendragon and Adam Van Helsing by her side at last. Meanwhile, the government has declared a state of emergency and has unleashed demon hunters to track down those who destroyed the capital! Their number one target? A certain female vampire! Plus, another classic Archie Goodwin and Jose Gonzales tale is newly recolored and remastered in this issue, which serves as a great jumping-on point!

GREEN $4.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Harris Publications, Inc.
Issue:Quarterly: Winter 2008 #1 (Cover B - Al Rio)
Cover Price:$4.95
Cover Date:2008 Winter
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