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[12 Gauge Comics; ICE: Bayou Blackout and The Ride (FCBD comic)]

ICE: Bayou Blackout and The Ride (FCBD comic)
(W) Doug Wagner, Ron Marz
(A) Daniel Hillyard, Nelson Blake (CA) Jason Pearson
When a group of Chechen mercenaries attacks New Orleans, I.C.E. agents Cole and Ezra must stop them before they can complete their mission to destroy a main hub of the US power grid! To keep these murdering psychopaths from achieving their goal, Cole must let go of his fear and unleash his true self. As an added bonus, this FCBD issue includes an extended preview of the next installment of critically acclaimed anthology The Ride, from writer Ron Marz and artist Nelson Blake!

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Publisher:12 Gauge Comics
Title:ICE: Bayou Blackout and The Ride
Issue:(FCBD comic)
Cover Price:$0.00
Cover Date:2015
Release Date:
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