What are Pre-Orders and how do I save 35%?
The key to saving 35% on new comic books is to place Pre-Orders. A Pre-Order means you buy the comic book 2 months before it is actually published. This is a very important point so we will say it again: a Pre-Order means you buy the comic book 2 months before it is actually published. Pre-Orders go on a monthly cycle, so comic books ordered this month will be published and ready for shipping in two months. Comic book publishers like Pre-Orders because they know exactly how many copies to print, and similarly G-Mart likes Pre-Orders because we know exactly how many copies to buy for our customers. Pre-Orders reduce our risk, and we reward our customers by giving huge discounts on Pre-Orders.
Must Pre-Orders be paid for in advance?
Yes. The key to huge discounts is guaranteeing the sale, and payment in advance is required to guarantee the sale. If you choose to pay by credit card then G-Mart must receive your credit card information before the order deadline or else your Pre-Order will be canceled. If you choose to pay by check then G-Mart must receive your check before the order deadline or else your Pre-Order will be canceled.
Are the discounts on Pre-Orders really 35%?
Yes, with a few exceptions. Comic books from the major publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark Horse receive 35% discounts. Comic books from smaller publishers typically receive 30% discounts. Other items such as t-shirt, posters, toy, games, and novelties have various discounts and must be examined on an item-by-item basis. The important point is that the discounts do not follow a plateau structure where you must place a big order to get a big discount; everyone gets the same huge discounts!
Is there a minimum Pre-Order?
No, there is no minimum Pre-Order. However, you should be aware that shipping can eat up some of the discount depending on the shipping options you choose and the size of your order.
How do subscriptions work?
Subscriptions at G-Mart are slightly different than traditional magazine subscriptions. Subscriptions are not bought for an entire year at a time, but rather are automatically ordered for you on a monthly basis. Subscribing to a title means that a Pre-Order will automatically be placed for you every month, subject to you keeping your account in good standing. Of course you may manually fine tune the Pre-Orders, so subscriptions should be viewed as a convenient safety net so you don't accidentally forget one of your favorite titles. It is still expected that members should visit the G-Mart WWW site every month to approve their Pre-Orders. G-Mart strongly recommends subscriptions so you always get the titles you want. Remember when you begin a subscription the first book won't arrive for at least 2 months (see above question about Pre-Orders). Subscriptions are not available for small publishers that do not publish reliably.
What items do you sell?
We sell comic books, magazines, books, t-shirts, trading cards, posters, games, toys, videos, novelties, and many strange items related to pop culture. We sell everything from an industry wholesale magazine for comic book shops called "Previews".
What about back issues?
G-Mart has a large selection of recent issues and back issues for sale online. Not all items are listed online yet; if you don't see what you're looking for please send e-mail to duck@g-mart.com describing what you would like to buy.
What if I miss an order deadline?
First, we encourage you to request e-mail reminders before the order deadlines to help you remember to order. Second, we encourage use of subscriptions for titles you know you want; subscriptions are automatically ordered for you even if you never login during a month. If you nevertheless do miss an order deadline, or even if you just forget to order something, we have a large selection of recent issues and back issues for sale online where you can buy what you missed. Contact customer service for assistance in recovering from missed orders.
How does shipping work? What's this about free shipping?
G-Mart ships throughout the USA and to most countries worldwide. You may select options for shipping frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.), shipping level (economy, express, etc.), and shipping protection (default packaging, individual bags/boards, etc.). G-Mart lets you customize shipping to meet your individual needs. G-Mart rewards its regular customers by offering subsidized shipping on comic books, including free shipping for USA shipments of comic books with value greater than $85. Unfortunately international shipping is considerably more expensive and G-Mart is unable to offer a free deal to its international customers. Details are available through the following link:
Shipping (USA and international)
What condition do comic books arrive in?
G-Mart pays special attention to comic book condition; G-Mart is owned and operated by collectors like you. Boxes are packed very carefully to protect the comic books to ensure they reach you in satisfactory condition. Back issues are graded so you know their conditions, and you can even choose the condition for your new comic books:
Comic book conditions
Is G-Mart a real business? Can I trust G-Mart?
Yes. G-Mart is a real business with retail stores in Champaign, IL (since 1996) and Chicago, IL (since 2007) -- please visit if you are ever nearby. We have been doing business on the WWW since 1995, and we have thousands of customers all over the world. Everyone who works at G-Mart is a comic book fan, and we bring a high level of service and commitment to our WWW service. We strive to give our customers a great deal!
What is the order cancellation policy?
Pre-Orders are not cancellable because they help the publisher set print runs; once an order is placed a copy of the book is printed specifically for you and can't be undone. In rare circumstances back issue orders can be canceled, but will be subject to a 15% restocking fee (minimum $2 fee).
What is the return policy?
Comic books are collectible items and in general are not returnable. If items are damaged during shipping please contact customer service to arrange for replacement or refund.
What is the privacy policy?
G-Mart strongly believes in defending the privacy of our customers. We do not share customer information with anyone, unless the customer has explicitly requested marketing or promotional considerations related to comic books. We do not send e-mail to customers unless specifically requested or directly relevant to customer activities.
Is this web site secure?
We try our best to keep this web site secure. We use SSL to prevent eavesdropping of transmitted customer information, and our computer systems protect stored customer information.

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