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[Abstract Studios; Rachel Rising Vol. 2: Fear No Malus (SC)]

Rachel Rising Vol. 2: Fear No Malus (SC)
(W/A/CA) Terry Moore
Rachel and Jet will not stay dead. It's a mystery to the two BFFs, but they suspect it has something to do with a 10-year old serial killer and a witch who wants revenge on Manson, the little town with a wicked past. Critics are raving about Rachel Rising, and the series made the Horror Writers Association 2012 Recommended Reading List.

GREEN $16.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Abstract Studios
Title:Rachel Rising
Issue:Vol. 2: Fear No Malus (SC)
Cover Price:$16.99
Cover Date:2012
Release Date:
Notes:Reprints RACHEL RISING #7-12.

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