[Aardvark-Vanaheim; Cerebus Archive No. 15]

Cerebus Archive No. 15
"That Really Weird December of 1976" continues as Dave Sim, living on his own for the first time, gets one of those break-through letters that makes a freelancer think maybe he ISN'T just wasting his time.
"I'm God" (See Cerebus Archive #5) has been accepted by Mike Friedrich at STAR*REACH (as Sim puts it "halfway between the undergrounds and Marvel and DC" in that time period). Also (sort of) accepted is a script called "Anticipation" which would be drawn by Fabio Gasbarri and appear in IMAGINE #1.
The issue also reprints Gene Day's story, "The Garbage Men" which also appeared in IMAGINE #1 and was also drawn by Fabio Gasbarri who Sim credits as an in vitro comic book genius -- a cross between Jeff Jones and Bernie Krigstein -- who only produced a handful of works before leaving the field.


Title:Cerebus Archive
Issue:No. 15
Cover Price:$4.00
Cover Date:2011 August
Release Date:

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