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[Aardvark-Vanaheim; Glamourpuss No. 15]

Glamourpuss No. 15
(W/A) Dave Sim
"Glamourpuss Reinvents the Universe" Part Two: Women! Want to marry the multi-billionaire of your dreams? Men! Want to marry the supermodel of your dreams? Then you can't afford to be without the Glamourpuss Ultimate Pre-Nup Agreement! Glamourpuss shows you how to cover all those formerly personal areas of matrimony -- legally! -- so no one ever has to get divorced again!
Plus: "The History of Photorealism" continues with the unfolding events of 6 September, 1956 and Dave Sim's speculations on same.

GREEN $3.00 Add to Cart

Issue:No. 15
Cover Price:$3.00
Cover Date:2010 September
Release Date:

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