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[Aardvark-Vanaheim; Cerebus Archive No. 2 (standard cover)]

Cerebus Archive No. 2 (standard cover)
(W/A) Dave Sim
"From out of the slightly tarnished end of the Bronze Age of Comics," it's the second issue of Cerebus Archive, chronicling Dave Sim's history as a cartoonist from 1972 to the present. This issue features "Life Suit" and "Justice" from 1974-75, a rejection letter from Gray Morrow, letters from Gene Day, and the next few steps in the history of "The Beavers," Sim's pre-Cerebus Canadian newspaper strip.

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Title:Cerebus Archive
Issue:No. 2 (standard cover)
Cover Price:$3.00
Cover Date:2009 June
Release Date:

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