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[Marvel Comics; White Tiger No. 6]

White Tiger No. 6

Penciled by AL RIO
Angela del Toro has learned that surviving death is just part of the nicks, cuts, and bruises that all heroes endure. Though in her case, she had the help of her mystical amulets and her dead uncle Hector, the former White Tiger. Finally recovered from nearly being put in the loss column, she goes on the hunt, starts putting the screws to Chaeyi, and vows to take down the organization once and for all. White Tiger and a few of her masked friends declare war on Cobra, Sano and his father, the Yakuza, and Chaeyi's criminal syndicate. In a series of events that drips with violence, choice, and redemption, the fight becomes a true test of White Tiger's will. Once the smoke clears and blood drips from her hands, there is only death with no real closure. Soon Angela realizes that there's no solace in vengeance, only consequence. And yet with every brutal ending, a darker beginning rises....the future has much in store for the new White Tiger if she can stay alive!

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Publisher:Marvel Comics
Title:White Tiger
Issue:No. 6
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2007 November
Release Date:

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