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[Marvel Comics; White Tiger No. 2]

White Tiger No. 2

Penciled by PHIL BRIONES
Covers by DAVID MACK
Angela del Toro, the new White Tiger, has exploded onto the superhero scene. During her costumed debut, Del Toro unleashed a wave of bone-shattering hurt. However she learned that the pain train goes both ways as she was left bleeding by Sano Orii and the new Cobra! Following the trail of a shadow syndicate known as Chaeyi, del Toro arrives at the doorstep of a nightspot known as the Genosha Club. Further complicating things are her strange relationship with the new Daredevil on the scene and visits from the webhead himself, Spider-Man. Good guys or bad guys---no one is going to stop del Toro from kicking crime in the teeth and getting answers. A new hero, new problems, and new, but deadly consequences---the grit is about to hit the fan!

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Publisher:Marvel Comics
Title:White Tiger
Issue:No. 2
Cover Price:$2.99
Cover Date:2007 February
Release Date:

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