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[Abstract Studios; Strangers in Paradise Vol. 3, #44]

Strangers in Paradise Vol. 3, #44
Marooned! Not a word you want to use to describe your situation, but that's exactly what happens to two of the most beloved
SiP friends! Not going to say who, but one certain female goes for an afternoon sail with another certain female, and the two
end up marooned on a deserted tropical island. With nothing but their bathing suits and a healthy supply of homemade
margaritas, the fearless castaways suddenly find themselves in an uncomfortably intimate situation -- and that's when the sand
hits the fan! Find out who ends up with whom in the latest waterlogged issue!
b&w, 24pg $2.95

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Publisher:Abstract Studios
Title:Strangers in Paradise
Issue:Vol. 3, #44
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2001 October
Release Date:
Subscription:Strangers in Paradise XXV
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