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Current Release Highlights February 22, 2017
 Power of the Dark Crystal #1 (regular cover - Jae Lee)
GREEN **$ 3.99
Years after the events of the original film, the world is again falling to ruin. Thurma is a young Fireling tasked with restoring the realm, bringing back the Skeksis and Mystics - and embarking on one incredible adventure!
[back issues]
 Old Guard #1 (regular cover)
GREEN **$ 3.99
Andromache and her comrades are soldiers who can never die, plying their trade for those who can afford it. But immortality is a hard secret to keep, and when you live long enough, there are fates worse than death. From Greg Rucka & Leandro Fernandez!
[back issues]
 Heathen #1 (regular cover - Tess Fowler)
RED *$ 18.00
Aydis is a warrior, friend to the talking horse Saga, rescuer of the immortal Valkyrie Brynhild, battler of demons - and a woman. Born into a time of warfare, suffering, and subjugation of women, she is on a mission to end the oppressive reign of the god-king Odin!
[back issues]
 Quantum Teens Are Go #1 (regular cover - Eryk Donovan)
GREEN **$ 3.99
Teenage sweethearts Nat & Sumesh spend their nights stealing tech from abandoned superlabs to build a time machine - and they've just found the most important part. But mysterious entities keep trying to stop them turning it on!
[back issues]
 Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #25 (regular cover)
GREEN **$ 0.25
A major turning point in the series! Big things are in store for Kyle Barnes as he's faced with something he never could have prepared for: hope.
[back issues]
 Elektra (series 5) No. 1 (standard cover - Elizabeth Torque)
GREEN **$ 3.99
Running from her tumultuous past, Elektra attempts to lose herself in Las Vegas. But how long can a former ninja assassin hope to escape her life of violence, when the newest player in town has her in his sights?
[back issues]
 Visitor - How and Why He Stayed #1
RED *$ 12.00
In 1944 Hellboy was conjured in a ceremony meant to give Hitler the ultimate occult weapon. Fortunately, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm was there to intervene! But he wasn't the only witness to Hellboy's arrival that day...
[back issues]
 Highlander - The American Dream #1 (regular cover - Francesco Francavilla)
GREEN **$ 3.99
The cult-classic franchise makes its triumphant return! Now, follow Scottish swordsman Connor MacLeod as he navigates through the American Civil War, and 1950s Manhattan, toward The Gathering in 1986.
[back issues]
Featured Comics
 Inhumans Vs. X-Men No. 0 (standard cover - Kenneth Rocafort)
SALE **$ 2.50
This issue sets the stage for the upcoming Inhumans vs. X-Men mega-event!
[back issues]
 Civil War II No. 1 (1st printing, standard cover - Marko Djurdjevic)
GREEN **$ 5.99
The explosive first chapter in the comic event EVERYONE will be talking about.
[back issues]
 Nova (series 7) No. 1 (1st printing, standard cover - Ramon K. Perez)
SALE **$ 0.50
It's the return you've all been waiting for. Or is something...else?
[back issues]
 Secret Wars (series 2) No. 1 (1st printing, standard cover - Alex Ross)
SALE **$ 1.00
The end of the Marvel Universe has arrived. The final incursion is happening. The Marvel Universe is colliding with the Ultimate Universe, and neither will survive!
[back issues]
 Slapstick (series 2) No. 1 (standard cover - David Nakayama)
SALE **$ 0.50
Steve Harmon was an average teenager who had an average job as your average clown, living in average New Jersey. But after being zapped by weird and mysterious extradimensional energy, Steve became Slapstick, a living, breathing cartoon!
[back issues]
 Doctor Strange (series 4) No. 1 (standard cover - Chris Bachalo)
GREEN **$ 4.99
Who do you call when things are coming out of your dreams and trying to kill you? Or when your daughter is cursing in Latin and walking like a spider? Or when your dog keeps screaming at you to strangle your neighbors? Doctor Strange, of course.
[back issues]
 Avengers (series 6) No. 2 (standard cover - Alex Ross)
SALE **$ 0.50
The Vision is hell-bent on revenge against Kang and if the Avengers can't hold the synthezoid back, all of history is in jeopardy!
[back issues]
 Beauty #1 (1st printing, Cover A - Jeremy Haun)
SALE **$ 0.50
Modern society is obsessed with outward beauty. What if there was a way to guarantee you could become more and more beautiful every day? What if it was a sexually transmitted disease?
[back issues]
 Thors No. 1 (standard cover - Chris Sprouse)
SALE **$ 0.50
A hard-hitting Marvel Comics police drama. With hammers. Lots and lots of hammers.
[back issues]
 Prez (series 2) 1 (standard cover - Ben Caldwell)
SALE **$ 0.50
Meet Beth Ross, the first teenaged President of the United States.
[back issues]
 Martian Manhunter (series 4) 1 (standard cover - Dan Panosian)
SALE **$ 0.50
Shape-shifting Martians are invading Earth - so where is J'onn J'onzz to stop them?
[back issues]
 Batgirl (series 4) 41 (1st printing)
SALE **$ 0.50
There's a new Batman in town...and that spells bad news for Barbara Gordon!
[back issues]
 Spider-Gwen (series 1) No. 1 (1st printing, standard cover - Robbi Rodriguez)
YELLOW **$ 8.00
Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman, but you knew that already. What you don't know is what friends and foes are waiting for her in the aftermath of Spider-Verse!
[back issues]
 Divinity II #1 (1st printing, Cover A - Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic)
SALE **$ 1.00
At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union - determined to win the Space Race at any cost - green lit a dangerously advanced mission.
[back issues]
 Harbinger - Renegade No. 1 (1st printing, Cover A - Darick Robertson)
SALE **$ 1.00
Six months ago, a secret team of renegade whistleblowers leaked the existence of these extraordinarily dangerous individuals to a stunned world. Today, all across the country, crude, DIY psiot activation attempts have left hundreds brain damaged...or worse.
[back issues]
 Black Panther (series 6) No. 1 (1st printing, standard cover - Brian Stelfreeze)
YELLOW *$ 20.00
A new era for the Black Panther starts here!
[back issues]
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