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[Van Helsing - Bonded by Blood #1 (Cover A - Igor Vitorino)]

Van Helsing - Bonded by Blood #1 (Cover A - Igor Vitorino)

(W) Pat Shand (CA) Igor Vitorino
Liesel Van Helsing's past has been marred in blood and betrayal, but none so life-changing than the revelation of the existence of her half-sister Charlotte le Fanu, better known as Dracula's Daughter. Although siblings by blood, there is no love lost between these two sisters set on either side of the stake. But, now forced into a situation where they must rely upon one another, can Liesel survive the family reunion?!

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Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Title:Van Helsing
Issue:- Bonded by Blood #1 (Cover A - Igor Vitorino)
Cover Price:$5.99
Cover Date:2023 July
Release Date:
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[Van Helsing - Bonded by Blood #1 (Cover D - Ivan Tao)]

Van Helsing - Bonded by Blood #1 (Cover D - Ivan Tao)


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