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Inside Mari GN Vol 9 (Of 9)

(W/A/CA) Shuzo Oshimi
A college student apparently wakes up in the body of a high school girl. Isao has gone. Mom is gone. And suddenly life is better for Mari. But she is not complete. There is still a need for closure that burns within. Going home, to Isao's home, might provide that resolution. Embracing everything that has ever been inside Mari will be key.
RES. from Previews Vol. XXX #1 (JAN202264)
SC, 6x8, 192pgs, PC (9 of 9) SRP: $12.95, SEP212008

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Publisher:Denpa Books
Title/Issue:Inside Mari GN Vol 9 (Of 9)
Retail Price:$12.95
Release Date:2021 December 1 (estimated)

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