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[Sitcomics Presents Super Sleepy "Bedtime Stories" Binge Book #1]

Sitcomics Presents Super Sleepy "Bedtime Stories" Binge Book #1

(W) Ursula Burton, Athena Burton (A/CA) Jeff Shultz
Nagged by nightmares? Bothered by blanket hogs? Troubled by telemarketers? Have no fear -- Super Sleepy is here! Super Sleepy is the pint-sized protector of sleepyheads everywhere! With her wisecracking sidekick Schleepy, Super Sleepy won't rest until you sleep which means every giggle-filled story is a bedtime story! Created by TV's Ursula Burton (The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm) with classic cartooning by Jeff Shultz (Peanuts), Super Sleepy also introduces Gargirl, Adventure Russ, Cosmic Ray, Lynn Ventor, Senor Uva's Frutopia and Jillian Heir the Bajillionare!
68pgs, FC SRP: $4.99

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Title:Sitcomics Presents
Issue:Super Sleepy "Bedtime Stories" Binge Book #1
Cover Price:$4.99
Cover Date:None
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