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Df Wolverine Black White & Blood #1 Cgc Graded

The blood starts to flow in WOLVERINE: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #1. Return to the Weapon X program with Gerry Duggan and Adam Kubert, and encounter a new revelation from Wolverine's shattered memories. Then, join Matthew Rosenberg and Joshua Cassara on an explosive deep-cover spy mission from Wolverine's association with NICK FURY. After that, head into the wilds with writer/artist Declan Shalvey as Logan finds himself in the crossfire of a deadly trap! CGC GRADED 9.6 OR HIGHER. FINAL COVER MAY VARY! ALLOCATIONS MAY OCCUR!
32pgs, FC SRP: $74.00, OCT201369

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Publisher:Dynamic Forces
Title/Issue:Df Wolverine Black White & Blood #1 Cgc Graded
Retail Price:$74.00
Release Date:2020 December 30 (estimated)

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