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Dino Mighty GN Vol 1 Heist Age

(W) Doug Paleo (A) Aaron Blecha
How will the Dinomighties heat things up in order to outsmart and ice out Bully and his big bad crew of furry doofs and manage to save their hometown along with the most precious piece of art in the whole wide world? Readers of the Dog Man, Hilo, Investigators, and The Bad Guys series will love the outrageous and zany humor paired with the action-packed adventure in this exciting graphic novel series.
SC, 6x9, 224pgs, FC SRP: $13.99, NOV211401

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Publisher:Etch / Clarion Books
Title/Issue:Dino Mighty GN Vol 1 Heist Age
Retail Price:$13.99
Release Date:

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