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Wars End Profiles From Bosnia 1995-96 HC

(W/A/CA) Joe Sacco
How does an artist reconcile being forced to go to the front line of a brutal conflict that will change his life and homeland forever? What happens when a reporter finally comes face to face with an evil war criminal? In Soba, Joe Sacco captures the internal torment of the romanticized Sarajevo artist-warrior who captivated the western media with his guitar and hard partying ways. In Christmas with Karadzic, Sacco gives the reader an inside peek of the darkly humorous news process that doesn't make the headlines back home as he chases after one of the most hated and sought-after Bosnian Serb leaders and war criminals.
HC, 7x10, 80pgs, B&W SRP: $14.95, NOV211353

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Publisher:Drawn & Quarterly
Title/Issue:Wars End Profiles From Bosnia 1995-96 HC
Retail Price:$14.95
Release Date:2021 December 15 (estimated)

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