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Paradise Towers Paradise Found #2 (Of 4) CVR B Geraghty

(W) Sean Mason (A) Silvano Beltramo (CA) Martin Geraghty
Terror has returned to Paradise Towers. But how can this be? The Towers have been restored to their full glory, the residents have Favalan's soldiers to protect them and yet... Kangs are disappearing, there is a killer on the loose. Viv-2, a young Kang hungry for adventure, keeps hearing a mysterious voice. The voice has a message. Written in blood. PEX LIVES. But... Pex died. Didn't he? Is Viv-2 being taken for a ride or taken to the cleaners? Things are about to get unreal for the Kangs! Continuing the fan-favourite Doctor Who storyline!
32pgs, FC (2 of 4) SRP: $4.99, NOV211336

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Publisher:Cutaway Comics
Title/Issue:Paradise Towers Paradise Found #2 (Of 4) CVR B Geraghty
Retail Price:$4.99
Release Date:2022 March 2 (estimated)

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