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Frankenrocker And The Jailbait Punks #1 (Of 4) CVR B Churilla

(W) Roel Torres (A) Lukasz Kowalczuk (CA) Brian Churilla
Frankenstein's Monster forms a punk rock band with female teen musicians and they go to outer space to fight an army of reptilians! It's like Galaxy Quest mashed up with The Sex Pistols by way of Saturday Morning Cartoons!
SC, 7x10, 28pgs, FC (1 of 4) SRP: $4.99, NOV211195

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Publisher:Bad Kids Press
Title/Issue:Frankenrocker And The Jailbait Punks #1 (Of 4) CVR B Churilla
Retail Price:$4.99
Release Date:2022 January 26 (estimated)

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