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Horror Comics #10 Dracula In West

(W) Gianluca Piredda (A) Luca Lamberti (CA) Emiliano Albano
Dracula in the West, Part 1 Escaping his final confrontation, Vlad Dracula has left Transylvania to seek a new, tranquil life, which he believes he will find in the American Old West in the dying frontier village of Penny Town. He does not find it. What he does find are problems facing sunlight, controlling his instincts, and facing creatures and characters out of local tribal and Mayan legends!
7x10, 32pgs, B&W SRP: $3.99, NOV211140

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Publisher:Antarctic Press
Title/Issue:Horror Comics #10 Dracula In West
Retail Price:$3.99
Release Date:2022 February 23 (estimated)

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