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[Moon Knight (series 9) No. 7 (standard cover - Cory Smith)]

Moon Knight (series 9) No. 7 (standard cover - Cory Smith)

(W) Jed MacKay (A) Federico Sabbatini (CA) Cory Smith
How do you fight someone that no one knows? Moon Knight is out for blood and hits the streets armed only with a name, but he soon finds out that in the twilight half-world of NYC super villainy, sometimes the streets hit back. And while he's fighting his way through the
super-crime underworld, he'd better watch his back...
32pgs, FC SRP: $3.99

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Publisher:Marvel Comics
Title:Moon Knight
Issue:(series 9) No. 7 (standard cover - Cory Smith)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2022 March
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