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Blade Of Immortal Omnibus TP Vol 3

(W/A/CA) Hiroaki Samura
Over 650 pages of samurai battles, bloodshed, and bitter rivalries! Rin's seemingly immortal protector, Manji, is helping her destroy the eccentric, bloodthirsty Itto-ryu sword school that ambushed and killed her parents. While Manji has his hands full with a trio of devious assassins, Rin decides to make her way across Edo to search for the murderous Itto-ryu leader Anotsu Kagehisa on her own! Will Manji find her before Anotsu does? This volume also features the debut of the mysterious Mugai-ryu warriors, who will become major players in this revenge epic from a modern manga master!
SC, 5x7, 576pgs, B&W SRP: $24.99, NOV210342

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Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Title/Issue:Blade Of Immortal Omnibus TP Vol 3
Retail Price:$24.99
Release Date:2021 December 8 (estimated)

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