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Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #3 (Of 6) CVR A Mahfood

(W/A/CA) Jim Mahfood
Dio and Natas score some snazzy new sweaters. This is an incredible issue! Packed from cover to cover (no ads!) with completely unique eye-poppin' MAHFOOD art, including bonus comics and behind-the-scenes fun! Plus, an absolutely badass variant cover from superstar artist MATTEO SCALERA! Feel the Funk!
32pgs, FC (3 of 6) SRP: $3.99, NOV210212

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$2.60 $3.99
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Publisher:Image Comics
Title/Issue:Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost #3 (Of 6) CVR A Mahfood
Retail Price:$3.99
Release Date:2022 January 26 (estimated)

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