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Creeping HC

(W) Zack Keller (A/CA) Doug Wheatley
A new internet challenge called "creeping" is sweeping across social media.
"Creeping" is a dangerous online trend that dares participants to spend the night at a frightening locationXfrom crumbling cemeteries to derelict morgues. As more people join in, the competition increasesXwho can outdo the latest scary destination? One group of thrillseekers determines to find the most terrifying place in the worldXan abandoned medieval fortress turned insane asylum fills the bill, but they soon realize they are in for more than they bargained for.
Written by Zack Keller (Death Head, Meet Me at The Falls) with original story by Mike Richardson (Echoes, Living with the Dead), and art by Doug Wheatley (AVP: Thicker than Blood, Star Wars: Dark Times), this graphic novel takes you on a horrifying journey where fun and mischief take a shocking turn into the ultimate fight for survival.
HC, 7x10, 88pgs, FC SRP: $19.99, JUN210286

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Publisher:Dark Horse Comics
Title/Issue:Creeping HC
Retail Price:$19.99
Release Date:2021 October 13 (estimated)

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