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Pop Star Assassin #1 (Of 6) CVR D Sammelin

(W) Ed Lavallee, Matt Cashel (A) Marcelo Basile (CA) Robert Sammelin
Variant cover by Robert Sammelin.
The year is 1977. The King is dead. The world mourns. But...
When a mysterious briefcase turns up in his dressing room, Bruce--a coke-addled Elvis impersonator finds himself wedged between a Mob boss out for revenge and a government conspiracy with far-reaching, world-ending ramifications; all in an attempt to discover the true identity of his father's killer.
It's sex, drugs, rock n robots 70's style in this all-out action adventure.
The year is 1977. The KING IS DEAD - LONG LIVE THE KING!
And who the f*ck is Molly?
24pgs, FC (1 of 6) SRP: $3.99, AUG211613

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Publisher:Behemoth Comics
Title/Issue:Pop Star Assassin #1 (Of 6) CVR D Sammelin
Retail Price:$3.99
Release Date:2021 October 20 (estimated)

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