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Mad Magazine #24

(W) The Usual Gang Of Idiots (A) The Usual Gang Of Idiots (CA) Another Usual Idiot With Some Crayons
You've been a very, very MAD dog! America's longest-running humor magazine continues to skewer everything pop culture! This pet-themed issue features a wide variety of classic parodies plus vintage MAD favorites like Spy vs. Spy, "MAD Look at..." by Sergio Aragones, and more from the Usual Gang of Idiots. MAD will surely make the whole family howl, meow, chirp, whinny, moo, and cock-a-doodle-doo with chuckles. Go fetch your copy today!, 1121DC074

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$3.90 $5.99
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Publisher:DC Comics / Kids
Title/Issue:Mad Magazine #24
Retail Price:$5.99
Release Date:2022 February 15 (estimated)

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