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[Justice League Incarnate 3 (standard cover - Gary Frank)]

Justice League Incarnate 3 (standard cover - Gary Frank)

(W) Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver (A) Ariel Olivetti, Andre Bressan (CA) Gary Frank
Doctor Multiverse is caught in the clutches of Darkseid! To save her, President Superman, Flashpoint Batman, and the rest of the Justice League Incarnate team up with Earth-41 heroes Spore and Nimrod Squad; meanwhile, a villain from Multiversity returns to stake their claim on the crack in the Multiverse and the power that lies beyond.

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Publisher:DC Comics
Title:Justice League Incarnate
Issue:3 (standard cover - Gary Frank)
Cover Price:$4.99
Cover Date:2022 March
Release Date:
Subscription:Justice League Incarnate (5-issue miniseries)
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