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Harley Quinn #11 CVR A Riley Rossmo

(W) Stephanie Phillips (A) Riley Rossmo (CA) Riley Rossmo
A train leaves for Gotham at eight p.m. averaging 80 miles per hour, carrying one very dramatic villain named Keepsake, a bomb strapped to the engine, and me...Harley Quinn! One track leads straight to Gotham Central Station, where hundreds of lives are at risk, but the other track...that one leads to my best friend and sidekick, Kevin. Sacrifice the one to save the many? I hate that Philosophy 101 crap, and I'm really starting to hate trains., 1121DC061

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Publisher:DC Comics (Batman)
Title/Issue:Harley Quinn #11 CVR A Riley Rossmo
Retail Price:$3.99
Release Date:2022 January 25 (estimated)

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