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[G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 18 (Cover A - Tim Seeley)]

G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 18 (Cover A - Tim Seeley)

(W) Tim Seeley (A) Mike Norton
THE CONCEPT: G.I. Joe Frontline expands the action of the regular G.I. JOE series into another title, featuring a cast of rotating creative teams. Frontline allows us to see the G.I.JOE universe through the eyes of different artists, and of course, its full of action, action, action!
THIS ISSUE: Get out your oven mitts and wooden spoons, 'cuz it's time for everyone's favorite TV cook to take the stage...ROADBLOCK! In this ONE-SHOT story, he slices, he dices, he makes up bad rhymes, and when the funding for his show is taken over by COBRA, he gets more than he asked for. It's a fun, action packed issue, as the heavy gunner/southern chef takes on TV producers, Dreadnoks and lactose intolerant pugs. Meanwhile, MAINFRAME finds out what happens when you spend too much time at the computer, and FIREWALL introduces DAINA to the joys of American culture.

GREEN $2.95 Add to Cart

Publisher:Image Comics
Title:G.I. Joe: Frontline
Issue:Issue 18 (Cover A - Tim Seeley)
Cover Price:$2.95
Cover Date:2003 December
Release Date:

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[G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 18 (Cover B - Mike Norton)]

G.I. Joe: Frontline Issue 18 (Cover B - Mike Norton)


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