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[Something Epic #5 (Cover C - Szymon Kudranski)]

Something Epic #5 (Cover C - Szymon Kudranski)

(W/A/CA) Szymon Kudranski
The hurt and horrors of Dan's past are now personified waiting, and eager to be released.
Twenty-nine pages of story and art for the regular price of just $3.99!
32pgs, FC SRP: $3.99

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Something Epic
Issue:#5 (Cover C - Szymon Kudranski)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2023 September
Release Date:
Subscription:Something Epic
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Variant Covers

[Something Epic #5 (Cover A - Szymon Kudranski)]

Something Epic #5 (Cover A - Szymon Kudranski)

[Something Epic #5 (Cover B - Szymon Kudranski)]

Something Epic #5 (Cover B - Szymon Kudranski)

[Something Epic #5 (Cover D - Szymon Kudranski)]

Something Epic #5 (Cover D - Szymon Kudranski)


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