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[Arcade Kings #2 (Cover D - Dylan Burnett B&W Incentive)]

Arcade Kings #2 (Cover D - Dylan Burnett B&W Incentive) 1:25

(W/A/CA) Dylan Burnett
ROUND TWO: FIGHT! Joe's search for his missing brother brings him to the ghost town of Rockview. Too bad it's the home turf of Plum Khurana, who has a bone to pick with Joe's entire family!

GREEN $49.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Arcade Kings
Issue:#2 (Cover D - Dylan Burnett B&W Incentive)
Cover Price:$7.99
Cover Date:2023 June
Release Date:
UPC:70985303737800241 (1:25)
DIAMOND:APR230222 (1:25)

Variant Covers

[Arcade Kings #2 (Cover A - Dylan Burnett)]

Arcade Kings #2 (Cover A - Dylan Burnett)

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Arcade Kings #2 (Cover B - Superlog)

[Arcade Kings #2 (Cover C - Jordan Gibson Incentive)]

Arcade Kings #2 (Cover C - Jordan Gibson Incentive)


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