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[Local Man #4 (Cover A - Tim Seeley)]

Local Man #4 (Cover A - Tim Seeley)

(W) Tim Seeley, Tony Fleecs (A/CA) Tim Seeley & Various
A clue to the murder of his archenemy leads LOCAL MAN to an abandoned quarry-and into a brutal conflict with his former teammate, CAMO CRUSADER. What event drove the man formerly known as CROSSJACK from the THIRD GEN team? And why does CAMO hate him so %^$&ing much? Meanwhile, in the past, the star-lost trio of CROSSJACK, CAMO, and NEON find themselves on a savage planet, facing killer aliens and devastating questions.
32pgs, FC SRP: $3.99

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Publisher:Image Comics
Title:Local Man
Issue:#4 (Cover A - Tim Seeley)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:2023 May
Release Date:
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Variant Covers

[Local Man #3 (2nd printing)]

Local Man #3 (2nd printing)

[Local Man #4 (Cover B - Bill Maus & Brian Reber)]

Local Man #4 (Cover B - Bill Maus & Brian Reber)


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