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[Parting Ways #1]

Parting Ways #1

(W) Alex Scherkenbach (A) Gustavo Novaes (CA) Ruben Cubiles
NONSTOP. Gabriela is an immigrant with aspirations of achieving her own American Dream. Brandon is an army medic with his sights set on becoming a doctor. These two optimistic and determined souls should be the perfect match... but doubts and fate confront them at every turn. When each experiences their personal ambitions conflicting with shared dreams, will their love survive? Parting Ways is a romantic drama that challenges expectations about young love as this unique couple navigate who they are both as individuals and as partners. Alex Scherkenbach (BITTERSWEET VOWS and SWEET LULLABY) and Gustavo Novaes (BITTERSWEET VOWS and A CABANA) weave a love story that embraces the fantasy in the everyday and will tug at your heartstrings.

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Publisher:Scout Comics
Title:Parting Ways
Cover Price:$4.99
Cover Date:2023 April
Release Date:

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