[Garlic and the Witch (SC)]

Garlic and the Witch (SC)

(W/A) Bree Paulsen
Bree Paulsen's brave little protagonist, Garlic, is back in this charmingly illustrated standalone companion to Garlic and the Vampire, serving up another tale of friendship, magic, and self-discovery. Garlic loves spending time with Witch Agnes, Carrot, and her new friend, the Count, who has proven to be a delightful neighbor to the village of vegetable people rather than a scary vampire. But despite Agnes's best attempts to home-brew a vegetarian blood substitute for Count, the ingredient she needs most can only be found at the Magic Market, far from the valley. Before she knows it, Garlic is nervously preparing for a journey. But Garlic is experiencing another change, too-finger by finger, she appears to be turning human. Witch Agnes assures her that this is normal for her garden magic, but Garlic isn't so sure that she's ready for such a big change. After all, changes are scary... and what if she doesn't want to be human after all?


Publisher:Quill Tree Books
Issue:and the Witch (SC)
Cover Price:$13.99
Cover Date:2022
Release Date:

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