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[Robyn Hood - Baba Yaga (Cover A - Igor Vitorino)]

Robyn Hood - Baba Yaga (Cover A - Igor Vitorino)

(W) Joe Brusha (CA) Igor Vitorino
Baba Yaga is back in the Big Apple and Robyn is none too happy about it. The evil witch is in town and up to no good, and she's not about to let Robyn get in the way of her secret mission-and if Baba has to kill her to complete it, all the better. Things aren't looking good for New York City's biggest hero.
40pgs, FC SRP: $5.99

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Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Title:Robyn Hood
Issue:- Baba Yaga (Cover A - Igor Vitorino)
Cover Price:$5.99
Cover Date:2022 September
Release Date:
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Variant Covers

[Robyn Hood - Baba Yaga (Cover B - Guillermo Fajardo)]

Robyn Hood - Baba Yaga (Cover B - Guillermo Fajardo)

[Robyn Hood - Baba Yaga (Cover C - Ivan Tao)]

Robyn Hood - Baba Yaga (Cover C - Ivan Tao)

[Robyn Hood - Baba Yaga (Cover D - Lobos)]

Robyn Hood - Baba Yaga (Cover D - Lobos)


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