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[Catwoman: Lonely City 3 (variant cover - Cliff Chiang)]

Catwoman: Lonely City 3 (variant cover - Cliff Chiang)

(W) Cliff Chiang (A) Cliff Chiang (CA) Cliff Chiang
Catwoman had assembled the crew of a lifetime for her heist of the Batcave, and everything was going to plan-until it wasn't. When tragedy and disaster strike, she's got to find a way to land on her feet...but as her need for answers grows stronger and more desperate, she might be prepared to make a deal with the Devil himself...

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Publisher:DC Comics
Title:Catwoman: Lonely City
Issue:3 (variant cover - Cliff Chiang)
Cover Price:$6.99
Cover Date:2022 June
Release Date:
Subscription:Catwoman: Lonely City (4-issue miniseries)
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