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[MFKZ Vol. 1 (SC)]

MFKZ Vol. 1 (SC)

(W/A/CA) Run
One of the biggest indie comic debuts of 2021 arrives in TPB.
Jump into the unique world created by legendary artist RUN, that was turned into a NETFLIX distributed movie. Follow Angelino and his flaming-skull pal Vinz, who live in a gang and cockroach infested dystopian metropolis called DMC, a city that hides secrets even weirder than its inhabitants. Our hero had a strange scooter accident that changed his life in a fraction of a second. He is now the most wanted person on Earth with some crazy new fighting skills. Secret services, aliens, weirdos they all want him DEAD... or ALIVE?
7x10, 100pgs, FC SRP: $14.99

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Publisher:Behemoth Comics
Issue:Vol. 1 (SC)
Cover Price:$14.99
Cover Date:None
Release Date:
Notes:Reprints MFKZ #1-6.

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