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[Vampirella / Dracula - Unholy #4 (Cover H - Rose Besch B&W Incentive)]

Vampirella / Dracula - Unholy #4 (Cover H - Rose Besch B&W Incentive)

(W) Christopher Priest (A) Donny Hadiwidjaja (CA) Rose Besch
Caught in a love triangle between her new husband and his former love, Vampirella becomes suddenly aware that Dracula has been manipulating what she'd assumed to have been random events as the Lord of the Undead progressively asserts his control over the man she loves. As Count Dracula asserts his ultimate control over the world's vampires, only Vampirella stands between him and a bloody conquest of mankind.

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Publisher:Dynamite Entertainment
Title:Vampirella / Dracula
Issue:- Unholy #4 (Cover H - Rose Besch B&W Incentive)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:None
Release Date:
UPC:72513031440604081 (1:20)
UPC:72513031440604081 (1:20)
DIAMOND:JAN220699 (1:20)
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