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[Devil's Reign No. 5 (standard cover - Marco Checchetto)]

Devil's Reign No. 5 (standard cover - Marco Checchetto)

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Marco Checchetto
As smart and ruthless as Wilson Fisk may be, he's chosen to enlist the aid of some of the most reprehensible, dangerous and bloodthirsty criminals the Marvel Universe has to offer! He's been able to keep them on a short leash out of fear for weeks.
IN THIS ISSUE -- that fear runs out! Fisk's lackeys aren't scared of ANYTHING anymore, even him -- and ALL OF NEW YORK is left to pay the price!
40pgs, FC (5 of 6) SRP: $4.99

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Publisher:Marvel Comics
Title:Devil's Reign
Issue:No. 5 (standard cover - Marco Checchetto)
Cover Price:$4.99
Cover Date:2022 May
Release Date:

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