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[Doctor Strange - Epic Collection Vol. 5: 1978-1982 - The Reality War (SC)]

Doctor Strange - Epic Collection Vol. 5: 1978-1982 - The Reality War (SC)

Roger Stern and Chris Claremont turn their magic towards the Master of the Mystic Arts -- Doctor Strange! Joined by artistic icons Gene Colan, Marshall Rogers and Tom Sutton, there is no doubt the Doctor is in. Their stories featuring villains Nightmare, D'Spayre and the Dream Weaver twist reality and rend Strange and Clea's souls with inconceivable fears. Next, Baron Mordo returns, armed with the occult secrets of the Vatican. Then, Wong is captured by the Shadowqueen and Clea and Strange must traverse dimensions and battle the demonic N'Garai to save him! Also featuring mystic encounters with Nighthawk, Namor, the Avengers and the Black Knight and the return of a figure from one of Doctor Strange's first adventures.
Rated T
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Publisher:Marvel Comics
Title:Doctor Strange
Issue:- Epic Collection Vol. 5: 1978-1982 - The Reality War (SC)
Cover Price:$44.99
Cover Date:2022
Release Date:
Notes:Reprints DOCTOR STRANGE (series 2) #29-51, MAN-THING (series 2) #4, and material from CHAMBER OF CHILLS #3-4 and DEFENDERS (series 1) #53.
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