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[Knight Janek #2 (Cover C - wraparound)]

Knight Janek #2 (Cover C - wraparound) 1:5

(W) Robert Sienicki, Jan Mazur (A) Igor Wolski, Spell (CA) Igor Wolski
The Award-winning Polish phenomenon comic series continues! Knight Janek is fighting versus a freaking giant KAIJU CENTIPEDE while the Duke is putting together his plan to take over the realm of Fancylake. Time to decapitate this monster and build-up a team to save this Kingdom. What do you think of that Knight?

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Publisher:Behemoth Comics
Title:Knight Janek
Issue:#2 (Cover C - wraparound)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:None
Release Date:
UPC:85002766712600231 (1:5)
DIAMOND:NOV211225 (1:5)

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