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[Thor (series 6) Vol. 3: Revelations (SC)]

Thor (series 6) Vol. 3: Revelations (SC)

(W) Donny Cates, Aaron Kuder (A) Michele Bandini, Aaron Kuder (CA) Olivier Coipel
Odin has returned! But an air of tension now sits upon the throne. Father and son. All-Father and All-Father. Odin and Thor. Is this relationship forever doomed, and what does it mean for the Ten Realms? Determined to be the best leader that he can be, Thor makes the fateful decision to surrender Mjolnir. But what if the hammer isn't ready to give up Thor? As all of Asgard reckons with Odin's return and the aftermath of Donald Blake's brutal attack, its ruler will be rocked by revelations -- and face a shocking confrontation with the Avengers! Plus: When the Infinity Stones return, Thor and a surprising guest star must confront a dark, twisted version of the God of Thunder who is determined to become the iron-fisted ruler of all the realms!
Rated T+
120pgs SRP: $15.99

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Publisher:Marvel Comics
Issue:(series 6) Vol. 3: Revelations (SC)
Cover Price:$15.99
Cover Date:2021
Release Date:
Notes:Reprints THOR (series 6) #15-18 and THOR ANNUAL (series 4) #1.
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