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[Robyn Hood - Goldilocks (Cover A - Igor Vitorino)]

Robyn Hood - Goldilocks (Cover A - Igor Vitorino)

(W) Joe Brusha (CA) Igor Vitorino
All of Robyn's skills are put to the test as she tries to survive Goldy's carnival of terror. If she wants to survive, Robyn is not only going to have to defeat an endless string of murderous circus freaks, but she will have to find the strength to face-off against her own inner demons.
32-pages of twisted-action all packed into one book!
7x10, 40pgs, FC SRP: $5.99

GREEN $5.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Zenescope Entertainment
Title:Robyn Hood
Issue:- Goldilocks (Cover A - Igor Vitorino)
Cover Price:$5.99
Cover Date:2021 July
Release Date:
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Variant Covers

[Robyn Hood - Goldilocks (Cover B - Sheldon Goh)]

Robyn Hood - Goldilocks (Cover B - Sheldon Goh)

[Robyn Hood - Goldilocks (Cover C - Keith Garvey)]

Robyn Hood - Goldilocks (Cover C - Keith Garvey)


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