[Fire Never Goes Out - A Memoir in Pictures (SC)]

Fire Never Goes Out - A Memoir in Pictures (SC)

(W/A/CA) Noelle Stevenson
From Noelle Stevenson comes a captivating, honest graphic novel memoir that finds her turning an important corner in both her creative and personal journeys--and inviting readers along for the ride. In a collection of essays and personal mini-comics that span eight years of her young adult life, Stevenson charts the highs and lows of being a creative human in the world. Whether it's hearing the wrong name called at her art school graduation ceremony or becoming a National Book Award finalist for her debut graphic novel, Nimona, Noelle captures the little and big moments that make up a real life, with a wit, wisdom, and vulnerability that are all her own.
SC, 6x9, 208pgs, FC SRP: $14.99


Publisher:Quill Tree Books
Title:Fire Never Goes Out
Issue:- A Memoir in Pictures (SC)
Cover Price:$14.99
Cover Date:None
Release Date:

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