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[Vampirella (series 8) #14 (Bonus FOC Incentive Virgin Cover - Meghan Hetrick)]

Vampirella (series 8) #14 (Bonus FOC Incentive Virgin Cover - Meghan Hetrick)

(W) Christopher Priest (A) Giovanni Timpano, Ergun Gunduz (CA) Meghan Hetrick
The Final Chapter of Seduction of the Innocent: Vampirella's 50th Anniversary year concludes with a mother-daughter showdown as Vampirella confronts Lilith, the 400-year old sorceress, regarding Lilith's obsession with her first daughter, the Warren-era original DRACULINA who's been lost in time for centuries and may now have been incarnated as a human child who is obsessed with Vampirella and demanding to become Vampi's acolyte.

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Publisher:Dynamite Entertainment
Issue:(series 8) #14 (Bonus FOC Incentive Virgin Cover - Meghan Hetrick)
Cover Price:$3.99
Cover Date:None
Release Date:
UPC:72513028213214201 (1:11)
UPC:72513028213214201 (1:11)
DIAMOND:JUL209279 (1:11)
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