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[Space Bear (SC)]

Space Bear (SC)

(W/A/CA) Ethan Young
? Pilgrim Finch is an adventurous astronaut bear who explores the cosmos with a mission to bring samples of life back to his home planet. But when he crash lands on a new planet full of surprises and danger around every corner, Pilgrim will be forced to question his orders and learn that there's only one mission that matters--compassion to all living creatures no matter the stakes! ? Award-winning cartoonist Ethan Young presents a timely, silent story perfect for readers of all ages about discovering the unknown and empathy for everyone we encounter, because every friendship begins with an act of kindness.
HC, 9x6, 112pgs, FC SRP: $14.99

GREEN $14.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:Boom! Studios
Title:Space Bear
Cover Price:$14.99
Cover Date:2020 July
Release Date:

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