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[Wonder Woman (series 5) 750 (standard cover - Joelle Jones)]

Wonder Woman (series 5) 750 (standard cover - Joelle Jones)

* Steve Orlando and Jesus Merino
* Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott
* Gail Simone and Colleen Doran
* Margueritte Bennett and Laura Braga
* Scott Snyder and Bryan Hitch
* Mariko Tamaki and Elena Casagrande
* Kami Garcia and Phil Hester
* Shannon Hale, Dean Hale, and Riley Rossmo
* Vita Ayala and Amancay Nahuelpan
An all-star 96-page celebration of the Amazon Princess by longtime favorites and acclaimed new voices! In the lead story, Wonder Woman's epic "Year of the Villain" battle comes to a close, leading the way to new challenges ahead. Additionally, this oversized gem tells tales from Diana's past, present and future by some of the greatest storytellers in the business-- including Colleen Doran, Mariko Tamaki, the Teen Titans: Raven team of writer Kami Garcia and artist Gabriel Picolo, and legendary Wonder Woman creators returning to the character, including Gail Simone and Greg Rucka!
96pgs, FC SRP: $9.99

GREEN $9.99 Add to Cart

Publisher:DC Comics
Title:Wonder Woman
Issue:(series 5) 750 (standard cover - Joelle Jones)
Cover Price:$9.99
Cover Date:2020 March
Release Date:
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